1. Form a community creative of values, values creative of cohesion.
  2. Lift the curse, the feeling of guilt that afflicts us, sending us to wars we do not want, forcing us to a labor whose fruits escape us.
  3. Assume the function of destruction and decomposition, but as fulfillment and not as negation of being.
  4. Realize the personal fulfillment of being and of its tension through concentration, through a positive asceticism, and through a positive individual discipline.
  5. Realize the universal fulfillment of personal being in the irony of the animal world and through the revelation of an acephalic universe, one of play, not state or duty.
  6. Take up perversion and crime, not as exclusive values but as to be integrated into the human totality.
  7. Fight to decompose and exclude all communities – whether the national, socialist, communist, or churchly – other than this universal community.
  8. Affirm the reality of values, the resulting inequality of people, and acknowledge the organic character of society.
  9. Take part in the destruction of the world that exists with eyes open to the world to come.
  10. Consider the world to come in the sense of a reality contained right now and not in the sense of an ultimate happiness as inaccessible as it is loathsome.
  11. Affirm the value of violence and the will to aggression insofar as they are the foundation of all power.